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Dimension and Durability

Metallized special effects films have always been popular for decorating racecars, billboards, and short-term promotional signage. The distinctive look of these eye-catching films adds value to their designs, so their signs will command higher selling prices and profits!

Vinylefx® colors are through-and-through the vinyl — NOT laminated or top coated. Unlike cold-embossed polyesters, our fade-resistant films are hot-embossed, which produces deeper, better defined paterns.

RTape Vinylefx® Decorative Series is exceptionally suited for general purpose signage applications and a cut above other "special effects" films thanks to a proprietary deep-embossing technology that provides a crisper three-dimensional appearance to each pattern. Because the Vinylefx® Decorative Series is vinyl, not polyester, they require no top coating prior to printing! They print, cut, weed and handle just like intermediate vinyl!

Our Vinylefx® Outdoor Durable Series, which provides up to three years of outdoor life, is comprised of a variety of cost-effective simulated metal, light-diffracting and 3-D patterns, designed for long-term outdoor signage. For demanding applications such as truck and boat graphics, the Vinylefx® Durable Series films provide a superior alternative to the expensive simulated gold-leaf films.

Vinyl Efx Gallery

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  • Outdoor Durable Fine Brush - silver

    VinylEfx® Outdoor Durable

    Outdoor Durable Fine Brush - silver

    WIDTHS: 15P, 24, 30, 48 in(381, 610, 762, 1220 mm)
    LENGTHS: 10, 50 yds. (9.14, 45.7 m)
    THICKNESS: 2.8 mil (film)

    Extruded rigid, metalized PVC with a permanent clear acrylic adhesive to address the more difficult-to-stick to paint systems and clear coats. Designed for digital printing and plotter cutting. Available in silver and gold, eye catching metal-look patterns. VinylEfx® can be printed with any non water-based ink system, computer cut, steel rule die cut, thermal die cut, embossed and domed. Outdoor Durable Series averages 3 years exterior life, relevant to substrate preparation, exposure conditions (high temperature climates, polluted areas, maintenance practices, etc.).


    - Clean, smooth, non-porous and simple-curved surfaces
    - Computer Cut Vinyl Signage
    - Decals and Labels - POP Displays, Exhibitors, Retail Store Decor
    - Digital Print Media - Vehicle graphics

    - Do not apply wet (dry apply only)
    - Leave 1/4 inch (6mm) border around eco-solvent printed image when cutting.



      - 45o blade
      - slow cutting speed
      - Thermal Die: 295-300oF (146-149oC); Dwell time: 1/4-1/2 second

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