• For true
    metallic effects,
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    VinylEfx printable vinyl films brings the richness and 3D depth of real metallics to your CMYK retail displays without the cost and complexity of secondary inks or finishing.

VinylEFX is available in an array of colors, textures and sizes that will distinguish key elements of a brand’s personality. From rich, deep golds that evoke genuine luxury to bold colors and modern textures that speak to living on the edge, you can tailor your retail displays in ways you never thought possible.

  • boldEfx

    For example:

    Using Color Logic’s Image FX Photoshop plug in allows designers to selectively vary the metallic colors and effects of any image to enhance communication and add impact in ultra competitive retail environments.

  • sophisticatedEfx

    It’s been said that sophistication is subtlty that goes noticed. VinylEfx brings forth the rich, subtle textures of luxury products perfectly without being garish or dull.

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