Synaps OM 10 mil.
Withstands harsh environments without fading, curling, or warping.

Tech Data Sheet

Physical Specifications
Color White
Caliper facestock
Caliper facestock + adhesive
Release Liner
Adhesion to Steel*
Tear Resistance
Light Transmission [3mm thick]
Gloss (60 degree angle)
Chemical Resistance
Shelf Life**
Base {tag_base}
Resin Polyester
Finish Matte
Caliper (basestock) 10 mil. (μm 250±35)
Basis Weight 203# (300 gsm)
L* 97.5
a* .8
b* -1.1
Opacity 98
Gloss (75 degree angle)
BEKK Smoothness >1000
Taber Stiffness
Temperature Limit (F) -40 to 230
Temperature Limit (C) -40 to 110
Chemical Resistance (Water) OK
Chemical Resistance (10% Nacl) OK
Chemical Resistance (38% H2S04) OK
Chemical Resistance (Ethanol) OK
Chemical Resistance (Aceton) NO
Surface pH
Surface Energy
Availability 36" x 100 ft. rolls
54" x 100 ft. rolls

Lays flat, stays flat, even after rolling
Waterproof and weather resistant
Superior alternatives to lamination
Dries and cures fast
Fade resistant and tear proof basestock
Easy to use and finish
Double sided matte finish

Application Information

Transfer Tape


36" x 100 ft. rolls
54" x 100 ft. rolls


Trade show graphics
Wide format banners
Point-of-purchase signage
Indoor and outdoor prints

Printer Profiles

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