HM350 HotMask
Polyester Transfer Tape for Heat Pressing

RTape's Hotmask™ series of self-wound polyester transfer tapes are designed to protect printed heat transfer material from the high temperatures of heat pressing. A medium tack level, HM350 HotMask™ transfers print and cut graphics from the carrier film and aids alignment of the graphic to the garment.

Tech Data Sheet

Physical Specifications
Adhesive Medium tack modified removable acrylic
Color Clear
Caliper facestock 3 mil. (75 microns)
Caliper facestock + adhesive 4.2 mil. (105 microns)
Release Liner
Adhesion to Steel*
Tensile 30kpsi MD
Elongation 170% at break
Tear Resistance
Light Transmission [3mm thick]
Gloss (60 degree angle)
Chemical Resistance
Shelf Life** 1 year (70 degrees/50% RH) - Store in original package
Base {tag_base}
Caliper (basestock)
Basis Weight
Gloss (75 degree angle)
BEKK Smoothness
Taber Stiffness
Temperature Limit (F)
Temperature Limit (C)
Chemical Resistance (Water)
Chemical Resistance (10% Nacl)
Chemical Resistance (38% H2S04)
Chemical Resistance (Ethanol)
Chemical Resistance (Aceton)
Surface pH
Surface Energy

HotMask protects the surface of heat transfer material from heat related discoloring and any other damage.

The polyester (PET) film of the HotMask withstands heat cycles as long as 60 seconds at 166 degrees C (330 degrees F)

After the heat transfer, HotMast removes easily without any adhesive residue. For best results, remove the HotMask with it is still warm.

Application Information

RTape's versatile HotMask film can be used for multiple applications. In the manufacturing of heat transfer materials, RTape's HotMask film serves as a carrier or release liner for heat activated polyurethane, vinyl films and flock materials.

In the shop, after the fabricator computer-cuts the heat transfer material in reverse, RTape's HotMask functions as an application tape to aid the transfer of the materials to textiles. In positioning the graphics, the weeded graphics are aligned facing the garment, while the polyester HotMask carrier is facing up toward the heated platen. During the heat transfer process, HotMask protects the heat activated film or flocking material preventing discoloration and distortion, which can result from the intense heat of the hot press.

For printed graphics, RTape's HotMask can also be used as a print protection masking as well as an application tape aiding alignment of the graphic. Simply laminate HotMask over the printing surface. Next, remove the polyester carrier or release liner on the heat transfer media. Then apply the printed graphic to the fabric. The polyester masking protects printed graphics from heat damage during the heating cycle. Following the heat cycle, remove HotMask while it is still warm. Prompt removal of the masking ensures clean removal, without any residue on the printed graphic.

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Printed flock films
Polyurethane films
Vinyl films

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