Clear Choice AT60n
Film Application Tapes

AT60n consists of a matte finish, polypropylene film with excellent clarity, coated with an acrylic adhesive designed for clean pick up and transfer of all brands of cast or calendered vinyl. A unique polymerization process of acrylic adhesive assures a water-resistant and static free application tape. The stable adhesive will not build in tack level when applied to vinyl graphics for extended periods of storage.

Tech Data Sheet

Physical Specifications
Adhesive Acrylic
Color Transparent
Caliper facestock 93 microns (3.7 mils)
Caliper facestock + adhesive
Release Liner
Adhesion to Steel* 1 - 4 N/100mm (1 - 3oz.)
Tensile 25MPa (3600psi)
Elongation 700
Tear Resistance
Light Transmission [3mm thick]
Gloss (60 degree angle)
Chemical Resistance
Shelf Life** 1 Year
Base {tag_base}
Caliper (basestock)
Basis Weight
Gloss (75 degree angle)
BEKK Smoothness
Taber Stiffness
Temperature Limit (F)
Temperature Limit (C)
Chemical Resistance (Water)
Chemical Resistance (10% Nacl)
Chemical Resistance (38% H2S04)
Chemical Resistance (Ethanol)
Chemical Resistance (Aceton)
Surface pH
Surface Energy

  • The excellent water resistance of the acrylic adhesive allows for wet application without leaving any adhesive residue on the vinyl.
  • A static free adhesive improves the lamination process.
  • Exceptional clarity to aid precise registration of multi-color overlays.
  • Easy unwind eliminates exhausting application tape struggles.
  • Rigid polypropylene facestock minimizes misalignment problems.
  • Excellent lay flat to resist curling.
  • Unique adhesive system will not build to vinyl during storage of graphics.
  • Forgiving adhesive system allows the user to pull apart the tape easily, if the film accidentally folds onto itself!
  • Application Information

    Transfer Tape



  • General Purpose Sign Application Tape
  • Airbrush frisket for sign painters.

  • Printer Profiles

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    Tapes are only warranted to be free of defect in workmanship or materials at time of shipment. Manufacturer will replace or credit any material manufacturer deems defective. No acceptance or responsibility for loss, damage, or expense, implies or otherwise, shall be assumed by seller or manufacturer. User assumes all risk and liability herewith.