Conform 4761RLA®
Paper Application Tape with RLA®

4761RLA® Conform Series® premask consists of a premium grade, heavily saturated paper with mid-range adhesion. Designed to aid the transfer and installation of small and large graphics, 4761RLA® protects graphics printed with UV screen print inks and clear coats. Its medium tack rubber adhesive is specially formulated to flow into the peaks and valleys of the textured surface of four color prints. 4761RLA® features RLA® technology with improved adhesion to paper or film release liners.

Tech Data Sheet

Physical Specifications
Adhesive Rubber-based
Color White/Translucent
Caliper facestock 127 microns (5.0 mils)
Caliper facestock + adhesive 152 microns (6.0 mils)
Release Liner
Adhesion to Steel* 19 - 21 N/100mm (17 - 19oz.)
Tensile 332 N/100mm (19lb./in)
Elongation 12%
Tear Resistance 70-80
Light Transmission [3mm thick]
Gloss (60 degree angle)
Chemical Resistance
Shelf Life** 1 year
Base {tag_base}
Caliper (basestock)
Basis Weight
Gloss (75 degree angle)
BEKK Smoothness
Taber Stiffness
Temperature Limit (F)
Temperature Limit (C)
Chemical Resistance (Water)
Chemical Resistance (10% Nacl)
Chemical Resistance (38% H2S04)
Chemical Resistance (Ethanol)
Chemical Resistance (Aceton)
Surface pH
Surface Energy

  • No adhesion build to store graphics. Extra-heavy weight facestock makes handling of large graphics easier.
  • Heavier paper is also less likely to tear during removal, so installations are completed with fewer delays.
  • Removes easily from applied graphics.
  • Conform® Release Liner Adhesion adheres well to release liners for superior lay flat preventing tunneling and edge curling of stacked or rolled graphics.

  • * Adhesion PSTC-101, 1 min dwell on stainless steel
    ** Stored at 22 0C / 50-55% RH

    Application Information

    Transfer Tape



  • Protective premask for graphics printed with UV inks and clear coats.
  • Excellent surface protection for stored screen printed graphics.

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