• Paper Application Tape with RLA®
    Conform 4760RLA

Conform® 4760RLA is a heavyweight saturated paper premask with a medium tack rubber adhesive. 4760RLA is ideal for protecting medium and large graphics printed with UV screen print inks and clear coats. Specially formulated to flow into the peaks and valleys of the textured surface of four color prints. 4760RLA features Conform® technology with improved adhesion to paper or film release liners. 4760RLA is the perfect alternative to 3M SCPS-55.


Heavyweight paper application tape
Medium tack rubber adhesive
RLA® Release Liner Adhesion technology


Fills into peaks and valleys of textured surfaces
Protects UV printed graphics and clear coats
Removes easily following application
Alternative to 3M SCPS-55


Medium and large graphics
UV printed graphics and clear coats


Conform® series with RLA® release liner adhesion is the industry’s first choice in application tape, because it is first in performance. Conform®… often imitated, never duplicated.

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