• Heavyweight Paper Application Tape
    ApliTape 4885

ApliTape™ 4885 is a heavyweight paper prespacing tape with an extra high tack rubber adhesive. 4885 is designed for difficult-to-transfer graphics applications, such as thermal die cut graphics and highly textured window graphics films. Used in screen print applications, 4885 is designed to aid the transfer and installation of small and large graphics, printed with UV screen print inks and clear coats.


Heavyweight paper prespacing tape
High tack rubber adhesive


Designed for difficult to transfer graphic applications
Aids the transfer of UV screen printed applications


Thermal die-cut graphics
Textured window graphic films
Screen printed graphics


The original RTape brand of paper application tapes, providing reliable performance and affordable prices.

Tips and Tricks

Do you really need to premask a graphic if it has an overlaminate? Many installers believe that an application tape is unnecessary. In the vast majority of cases premasking the graphic will make your installations faster and easier, as well as providing protection for the graphic during shipping and handling. Read more

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