• Removable Vinyl Paintmask
    ProGrade Paint Mask

ProGrade™ vinyl paint mask is a specially designed removable film used in making computer-cut stencils for painted graphics. ProGrade™ paint mask can be used for either sign shop or body shop applications, and with either sign lettering enamels or automotive urethane paints. ProGrade™ is a user-friendly adhesive and easy to transfer from the release liner, easy to apply and removes without leaving any adhesive residue behind. Unlike cheaper paint masks, ProGrade™ uses a polymeric vinyl facestock, which is much easier to plotter cut and weed, even when producing paint mask stencils with fine detail.


Polymeric vinyl facestock
Removable adhesive


Compatible with either sign lettering enamels or automotive urethane paints
Easy to apply and remove with no adhesive residue


Paint graphics
Paint mask stencils
Plotter cut letters and decals


Whether you're screen printing, decorating garments or painting a sign, RTape has the specialty tape to make your job faster, easier and trouble free.

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