• DigiMask® Premasks

Our DigiMask® paper and DigiMask® Clear film premasks provide affordable insurance for all your prints and valuable substrates during shipping, handling and installation. DigiMask® provides affordable insurance to prevent costly re-work, which saves both time and money. DigiMask® is a standard weight paper, very low tack premask featuring RTape's unique RLA® Release Liner Adhesion, which helps it stick to the exposed slick silicone release liner around die cut graphics. Release liner adhesion helps combat wrinkling, tunneling and edge curling even after graphics are unrolled. Following application, DigiMask® removes cleanly and easily from digital prints without disturbing the ink. This easy-removal characteristic also reduces the risk of pulling overlaminates away from prints or pulling the installed graphic from the application surface, even when installing large format graphics, which have low initial tack or repositionable adhesives.


Engineered with ultra low tack RLA® release liner adhesive
Available in a standard paper grade or clear film
Releases easily and cleanly from graphics without disturbing the inks


Protects digital prints during shipping, handling and installation
Will not stretch in warm environments
Prevents distortion or damage while applying vinyls
Adds body to flimsy cast vinyl films
RLA® prevents tunneling and edge curling


Large format graphics
Graphic panels
Vehicle wraps

DigiMask Clear

Extra Low Tack Clear Premask

Transparent, blue tinted polypropylene film with ultra low tack solventless adhesive for surface protection, and application of wide format digital graphics.

DigiMask Clear

Extra Low Tack Clear Premask


We set the standard for product performance and quality. Product innovations, such as RLA® release liner adhesion are imitated, but never duplicated.

Tips and Tricks

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