• Self Wound Block Out Tape
    Block Out Tape

Blue Block Out Tape is a self wound polyethylene film tape coated with an aggressive adhesive. It’s water based adhesive resists attacks by inks and solvents, and withstands multiple pressure washes and solvent baths. Blue Block Out™ is easy to apply and removes cleanly from frames and mesh with no adhesive residue.


Water based adhesive
Self wound polyethylene film


Easy to apply
Removes cleanly
Durable during pressure washes and solvent baths
Available in blue and split liner


Screen printing
Wooden frames
Aluminum, retensionable frames


Whether you're screen printing, decorating garments or painting a sign, RTape has the specialty tape to make your job faster, easier and trouble free.

Tips and Tricks

In much of the country September ushers in climatic changes. As the autumn air becomes colder, the humidity of the air outdoors decreases. The drop in humidity can result in an increase of problems related with static electricity. Static problems in print shops are further exacerbated, as we switch from air conditioning to a heating cycle. Read more

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