The Effect of Clear Coating Matte Silver VinylEfx Film

Spraying RTape Matte Silver VinylEfx® film with a clear coat will change its appearance from a matte finish to a satiny finish. The reason for the change is that this VinylEfx® pattern is textured on the first or outside surface of the film. Other VinylEfx® patterns are embossed on the second surface. When you spray the clear coat on the matte silver, it fills in valleys of the texture. The film will not become as glossy as a Smooth Silver or chrome pattern. But it will look different.

To demonstrate the change in appearance, I sprayed the emblem on the left with two coats of Butch “Superfrog” Anton’s Frog Juice.  The emblem on the right was not clear coated. Personally, I like the clear coated side, because the colors are slightly more vibrant. But that’s just me. It’s what the customer thinks that counts. For that reason, if you plan to clear coat the graphic to improve its durability, make the customer aware of the change in appearance and gain his approval before processing with production.

NOTE: Frog Juice can be purchased at many RTape distributors throughout the United States and Canada.

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