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How do you know when a sign design is effective? The most important measure is an increase in business. Avery Brothers Sign Company in Souix City Iowa recently created a dentist's sign that contributed to a 30% increase in patient numbers.
Sign Builder Illustrated Editor, Jeff Wooten writes: "Steve Avery, co-owner and chief designer at Avery... knows that the sign his company recently created for a local dental practice works. In addition to just simply looking at it, he can also tell because lots of parents are stopping by and taking pictures of their eager kids in front of it. “You know it works when kids love it,” he says proudly. “They’re not biased or influenced. They just know what they like.”
"The dentists love it too and when it comes to their bright, new sign—a ten-foot-tall toothbrush attached to an electronic message center—they’re as eager to show it off as a patient who wants to flash his or her freshly cleaned pearly whites."

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