RTape, A Nekoosa Brand Launches the Next Generation of Backlit Media, LumaPrint®


With Nekoosa’s industry experience and research, it realized a need for a Backlit product that had high quality print performance, specifically illumination of whites and blacks, and an alternative solution to one universal product. They accomplished all of these needs with the creation of LumaPrint®.

In order for print quality to be at its absolute best, three product lines were created for eco-solvent, UV and latex, all of which come in roll sizes ranging between 36 to 87 inch rolls. Eco-Solvent provides an industry-leading color gamut up to 40% broader than previous generation products, the latex is designed to meet the unique heat and absorbency requirements of printing with latex inks and UV is a versatile, cost-effective Backlit solution, incorporating the same rigid, translucent polyester base.

This product fits best in market spaces such as retail, airports and hotels where wide format, vibrant color and back lit will showcase messaging the best in large spaces.

Dale Ward, Business Development Manager at Nekoosa states, “Most Backlit materials are designed to be universal with one product to work on all printers. The LumaPrint® product comes in three printer optimized offerings .This provides a much higher quality finished product for a demanding color application. Customers are amazed by the quality when it is shown next to another Backlit product.”

Extensive and thorough product testing has been completed by a third party agency which has created over 300 profiles for Nekoosa distributors. In addition, the product has been HP certified.

Dan Ashmore, Nekoosa’s VP of Marketing comments, “The addition of LumaPrint® to the RTape portfolio marks another milestone in our ongoing commitment to bringing our distributor partners the best products in the applications that matter most. A next generation product specifically designed for the fastest growing printer platforms on the market, LumaPrint® will help our distributor partners bring out the best in their customers’ color-critical print jobs.”

Request a sample roll of LumaPrint® at samples@ncpedge.com.
For more information on LumaPrint®, visit http://www.rtape.com/product-lines/lumaprint.

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