New Steve Kafka Brush Series

I first heard of the new Kafka Kwills from members of the Chicago Brushmasters, a group of old school paint and brush sign makers. If their praise of the new quills wasn’t so glowing, I never would have bought them. Instead I would have stuck with the brushes that I had.

As I learned, when you try something new and different, you occasionally discover something better. After receiving my new quills and script liners in the mail, I wasted no time breaking them in. Painting with the brushes was pure pleasure. While I was not trained as a professional sign painter, the results I achieved were gratifying. Below is a picture of a glue chipped panel that I painted with the Kafka Kwills and the script liners.

What makes these brushes so different is that the head of the brush is about ¼” longer than a Mack, and about ¼” shorter than a Langnickel. The extra length gives the Kafka Kwills a significant advantage, because even a novice can easily pull long straight lines. It also allows the user the flexibility to effortlessly negotiate the curves, such as those in the “Hoffman Bros.” script.

Another advantage of the long head is that it holds more paint. So you spend less time recharging the brush with paint and more time painting. I feel that you can also lay down a heavier coating of paint with these brushes. That way, you spend much less time reworking the job where the paint is too thin. Because you can paint faster with these brushes, you easily reduce your painting time by at least 25%.

The head of the brush combines a mixture of natural and synthetic hairs, which contribute to the exceptional control that you experience in handling the quills. Another nice feature is the metal ferrule, which secures the hairs in place. That way you don’t have to deal with the annoyance of picking errant hairs from your paint job.

The ten new Kafka Kwills and ten new Signwriter Series Liners were developed by famed pinstripe artist, Steve Kafka. He worked with some of the industry’s most talented sign writers and devoted four years to develop the new series. To see Steve Kafka demonstrate the new brushes on YouTube open the following link: The new paint brushes are available from Earl Mich Co. ( in Wood Dale, IL near Chicago.

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