Book Review: The Graphic Installers Handbook

You can’t beat on-the-job experience. In the field of vinyl graphics application, Rob Ivers has more than 35 years of experience as a professional decal installer. In The Graphic Installers Handbook Rob shares his stories, tips, tricks, and techniques on the successful art of graphic installation. His comprehensive guide to vinyl graphics installation covers every aspect of vinyl graphics installation, including selecting the right materials, specialty films, cleaning, positioning, the effects of temperature and pressure, trimming, squeegees and squeegee techniques, graphic application to rivets and complex curves, and repair, recovery and removal. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, The Graphic Installers Handbook is a “must have” resource. This 128 page book with over 175 photos will provide you with the real world information that you will need to perform a wide range of projects, such as multi-color computer cut installations, roll striping, banners, architectural, box trucks and more. Also includes special chapters on best business practices and the history of trucks and graphics. For more information about his book contact Rob at As the certification director for the Professional Decal Application Alliance, Rob also offers PDAA certification classes as well as private graphics training.

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