Arlon's DPF 8000

An Ideal Solution for Wall Graphics

Many shops, which have printed wall murals in which the ink bleeds to the edge of the panel, have experienced edge curl issues with a variety of vinyl films. For permanent wall graphics applications, I would consider using Arlon’s DPF 8000 film. DPF 8000 is a 3.5 mil (90 micron) satin white calendered vinyl, designed for long term indoor and outdoor applications. It features an aggressive, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive that sticks to those “hard-to-stick-to” surfaces.
With its aggressive adhesive system, Arlon's DPF 8000 is an ideal choice for wall murals. Photo courtesy of Arlon Graphics.
I am not sure if the film was originally intended for wall murals. It just works. I saw one wall graphics application in which the panels were printed edge to edge with heavy ink saturation and was surprised that none of the edges were peeling.
In addition to working on smooth painted wall surfaces, you can also apply this film to textured wall surfaces, such as concrete, stucco and brick. When installing graphics panels to textured surfaces, you must use heat in the application. The heat softens the film, allowing it to conform to the surface. It also softens the adhesive for better flow out over the surface. For more information on applications to textured walls see my article: Applying Vinyl Graphics to Textured Wall Surfaces.

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