Using Paint Mask for Surface Gilding


Paint mask is not just for painted graphics. It’s also great as a stencil for surface gilding. If you have never gilded before, just follow the simple step-by-step process in this story and you can expect professional results. Read more

How to Apply Vinyl Graphics Over Rivets


Applying vinyl graphics on vehicle surfaces with rivets is challenging for most sign makers. Vinyl failures to these surfaces are all too common. Here are some tips and procedures, used by professional decal installers, which will make these demanding applications easier and more trouble-free. Read more

Laminating Tips: Silvering


Have you ever seen silvery specs in a laminated print? This defect is called silvering. It’s caused when tiny air bubbles are captured between the adhesive on an overlaminating film and the surface of a print. Silvering is generally most noticeable in the dark shadow areas of a print. Read more

Printable Matte Silver VinylEfx® Films


RTape Corp. announces the introduction of its Matte Silver VinylEfx® metalized films, available in both Decorative and Durable series. The metalized matte vinyl presents an elegant and appealing high-tech appearance, which attracts the viewer’s attention without distracting from the marketing message. Read more

RollePro Vinyl Application Tool for Rivets


A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Dustin Owens, at a Wrap Quest event in Pompano Beach, FL sponsored by the Professional Decal Applicators Association, (PDAA). Owens had invented the RollePro, a soft, heat-resistant foam roller applicator. If you are looking for the next latest and greatest vinyl application tool, look no further. The RollePro makes application of vinyl graphics over rivets fast, easy and painless. Read more

Mold Making & Casting Sign Appliques


I didn’t see the value of the molding and casting process, until I visited Chicago artist, Chris Maylone, at his studio on the city’s upscale far north side. Chris had taken an order to produce twenty-five hand-carved Christmas trees for a retailer. Carving just one involved mind-numbing tedious detail. Carving twenty-five of the same thing would have been maddening. Read more

How to Paint MDO with Butch "Superfrog" Anton


Properly applied, a painted MDO sign can provide up to 10 years of service life or more. Premature paint failure often occurs for a variety of reasons. Often problems develop because the surface was improperly prepped. Using the wrong raw materials for the application or incompatible materials can also contribute to problems. Read more

Toning Metal Leaf with Liver of Sulfur


Exposed to the elements, many metals oxidize. When they do, they change colors. Copper and bronze will sometimes develop an attractive verdigris of green. As they weather, metals will also darken, turning their brassy colors to antique hues of brown. The term most frequently used for the weatherworn coloration that metals develop is patina. Read more

Applying Vinyl Graphics to Textured Wall Surfaces


With the right film, the right application tools and the right techniques, vinyl graphics can be applied to textured wall surfaces such brick and concrete block. Many of old time decal applicators would heat a cast vinyl with an industrial heat gun, and burnish the hot, pliable film into the textured surface using a rivet brush for this job. Read more

DuPont Surface Cleaners


In the movie, Karate Kid, do you remember the instruction that Mr. Miyagi gives Daniel on waxing a car? “Wax on, right hand. Wax off, left hand. Wax on, wax off. Don't forget…very important.” Read more

How to Tape Retensionable Screen Print Frames


Screen printers have devised many different ways to tape a screen printing frame. Having visited many shops in many different countries, I have also seen all types of tape used. Some printers use packaging tape from office supply stores. Read more

Preventing Wall Graphics Failures


Getting good adhesion to painted wall surfaces has been a problem for sign makers and the manufacturers of vinyl films. Flat finish paints are especially a problem. To help your customer avoid the pitfalls that result in vinyl graphics falling off the wall, here are some guidelines to follow before beginning a wall graphics installation. Read more

Roll Slitting Tricks of the Trade


For years, I have explained the advantages of razor slitting “factory cut” rolls of application tape. The paper application tapes are slit on the coater as the paper comes out of the curing oven before the tape is wound onto a core. Read more

How to Apply Window Graphics


Vinyl window graphics provide retailers with several advantages over hand-painted graphics. Cost-effective machine-made graphics consistently reproduce a company’s image from one store location to another to another. Read more

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