The Durability of Latex Inks


As sales of solvent and ecosolvent printers have declined, latex printers have grown in popularity. The print quality of these printers is outstanding, and inks are water-based, they provide printers with a 'green' solution. This posts shares the UV, scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance features of latex inks, and explains the importance of examining the application prior to manufacturing to ensure customer satisfaction. Read more

Changing Printer Setting in Roland Versaworks


To adjust the ink settings for printing on a particular vinyl, such as RTape VinylEfx® or EZ Erase™, you will need to create a custom profile and rename it. For printing on these RTape films I generally recommend using a standard profile for GCVP glossy calendered vinyl. Read more

Removing Vinyl Graphics


The process of removing vinyl films generally requires the use of both heat and chemicals. Some removers contain hazardous chemicals, such as toluene, that can cause health problems. Before using any chemical remover, read the manufacturer’s MSDS sheet and instruction bulletin. Always wear the recommended safety equipment. Read more

Eclypse Polycarbonate Overlaminates


RTape is the only polycarbonate overlaminate manufacturer that extrudes its own polycarbonate film. We have more than 20 years of production experience extruding heavy gauge polycarbonate films. And because we control the process, we can better control of the quality. RTape polycarbonate overlaminates are high quality embossed films, available in 3mil, 5mil and 10 mil thickness. Its heavy gauge construction provides exceptional abrasion and moisture protection for expensive tradeshow graphics, photographic prints and POP transparencies. The new line of polycarbonate overlaminates are available in 38" and 51” widths, in 150 ft. rolls. Read more

Metallized Special Effects Films


Metallized special effects films have always been popular for decorating race cars, billboards, and short-term promotional signage. Some sign makers shied away from specialty films because in older generations of products many films lacked long-term durability and were difficult to cut and apply. The good news is that the newer generations of films feature several remarkable improvements which should provide wary buyers with reason enough to give these products a second look. Better colorants and UV inhibitors extend the outdoor life of a growing number of films, improved release liners greatly minimize tunneling during plotter cutting, and more forgiving adhesives make repositioning during graphics application much easier. This article covers which special effects films might best suit your signage needs; how these films are made; and how you might use these eye-catching films in future signage projects. Read more

Wall to Wall Graphics Application


For retailers, getting shoppers through the front door is part of the battle. The next challenge is keeping them there. According to industry studies, within 10 seconds of walking through the door, that shopper decides whether to stay or shop elsewhere. In those precious few moments, the shopper immediately forms an impression about the store based on its appearance. Lighting, cleanliness, color and layout all make an immediate and indelible impression on the shopper. One effective way to give a store interior a facelift is a fresh coat of paint and colorful wall graphics. Read more

Installation and Removal of EZ Erase Dry Erase Vinyl


EZ Erase™ can be applied to any flat, smooth, clean sign substrate or directly to painted drywall, kitchen cabinets or refrigerators. The operative word is “clean”. If the surface is not clean, I can almost guarantee that you will have adhesion problems. Read more

Cleaning Dry Erase Boards with Bleach


Dry erase films are subject to ghosting (those shadowy images of erased messages). People have tried all types of concoctions to remove ghosting. The remedies include washing the surface with a solution of vinegar and water, cleaning with straight rubbing alcohol or acetone as well as scrubbing the surface with toothpaste. Some hospitals use a mixture of chlorine bleach and water to clean the ghosted images from their dry erase boards. Can you use this same mixture to clean EZ Erase? We didn't want to guess, so we put the mixture to the test. Read more

Writing on EZ Erase with Chalk Ink® Markers


Chalk Ink® Markers write beautifully on our ChalkTalk™ chalkboard film. But did you know that these markers are also great for writing on EZ Erase™ dry erase vinyl? In fact, Chalk Ink® Markers write on just about any smooth surface. Read more

Why Premask Laminated Graphics?


Do you really need to premask a graphic if it has an overlaminate? Many installers believe that an application tape is unnecessary. In the vast majority of cases premasking the graphic will make your installations faster and easier, as well as providing protection for the graphic during shipping and handling. Read more

Jim's Vinyl Application Toolbox


At a vehicle wrap workshop I spoke with an "old school" decal installer who scoffed at new tools that were being demonstrated. "Why do you need to buy another gimmick for vinyl application?" According to him, all you need to apply a vinyl graphic is a squeegee, rivet brush, knife, tape measure, propane torch and air release tool. In this article I will review the necessary tools that should be in a every installer's toolbox. I will also describe many fantastic new gimmicks that, in my opinion, deserve a place in your bag of tricks. Read more

Taking Marketing to the Streets - Applying Street Graphics


Laminated floor graphics have been used for years for in-store advertising. Now Avery Dennison Graphics has introduced its MPI 6121 Street Graphics film, which is an innovative floor graphics solution for short-term outdoor application to unfinished concrete or asphalt. Applied correctly, the Avery Street Graphics film will typically withstand normal foot traffic for up to 120 days. That makes these graphics ideal for retail promotions. Read more

Cleaning Laminated Prints


Before you deliver prints to your customers, instruct them on the right way to care for their new graphics. That way they can never say that they didn't know because they were never told. Read more

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