Color-Logic Certifies RTape's VinylEfx Films


Color-Logic, of West Chester, Ohio, recently certified RTape's VinylEfx print media for use with their Process Metallic Color System. The Color-Logic software allows printers to create dazzling metallic special effects using conventional printing processes. Read more

Dimples in Paper Application Tape


Dimples on a person’s face are usually regarded as being attractive and desirable. But dimples on the surface of paper application tape…not so much! In fact, dimples in the application paper are aesthetically unappealing. In most cases, however, a little dimpling does not mean the roll is bad and can’t be used. Generally, sign makers can easily work through this condition without experiencing problems. Read more

Adhesion Testing


Whether you are screen printing or painting, the coating must bond to the substrate for the service life of the product. Depending on the physical properties of the coating that you have selected for a project and the substrate to which the coating will be applied, the paint or ink adheres in a few different manners. Read more

VinylEfx® Withstands Test Under Fire


An independent laboratory has tested and evaluated RTape’s VinylEfx® films for their surface burning characteristics. These tests were conducted according to the guidelines of the American Society for Testing and Materials’ ASTM E-84, which measure flame spread and the smoke index. Read more

Painting on Metal Panels


In this article I will share with you what I learned from master painters, Sal Cabrera and Bill Riedel, as well as explain the step-by-step process that I used in painting on a metal panel. For this story, I will be painting a cow skull, which is a popular artistic motif in the world of automotive artists and pinstripers. Read more

How HazCom2012 Affects Your Business


In 2012, OSHA enacted a major revision to its Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200). The new standard, called HazCom2012, affects all sign shops, screen print shops and digital print shops regardless of company size. No one is exempt. Even if you employ fewer than 10 employees, you still must comply with the new regulations. Read more

Puckering & Tunneling Tape


Tunneling of the application tape off of the release liner can cause sign makers headaches – especially when the graphics are rolled and shipped to a customer across the country. Here’s the problem. If the tape tunnels on the release liner, it can travel over the graphic. When this happens, it is virtually impossible for the customer to reapply the tape so that it is flat again against the vinyl graphic without causing a wrinkle. Read more

How to Dome Vinyl Graphics


Because metalized vinyl's exude an opulent aura, these eye-catching films are a popular choice in the design and manufacture of OEM emblems and trim. What’s more, their attractive and luxurious appeal complements the appearance of high-ticket products, such as RV vehicles and marine craft. Read more

Overlaying VinylEfx® with Oracal Transparent Films


The colored films in the RTape Decorative Series VinylEfx® films are absolutely beautiful. The trouble is the dyes used in manufacturing the different hues are not durable outside. Dyes never are. So what do you do if you want a patterned metalized vinyl in blue or red or green Read more

Testing for Outgassing


Outgassing refers to the release of a gas from some type of material. Natural materials, such as plywood, can outgas vapors as the glues used in its manufacturing cure. Just about any synthetic substance will outgas, too. The list of synthetic materials includes paint, polycarbonate and fiberglass. Read more

Adhesion to Powder Coated Paints


Adhesion failures of pressure sensitive materials, such as labels, decorative films, foam tapes and graphic panels, to powder coated substrates are quite common. Just as there are several reasons for these failures, there are several steps that the fabricator can take to avoid these problems. Read more

HotMask® Polyester Transfer Tapes


To transfer a print and cut heat transfer applique from its carrier to the garment you should use a polyester HotMask® transfer tape. While many shop owners have used paper application tape to transfer printed heat transfer appliques, you are much better off using the right product for the application. Read more

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