How to Fix Edge Peeling Vinyl Graphics


Once a graphic starts peeling, forget about trying to reapply any edges, which have already lifted. The adhesive on these peeled edges have most likely been contaminated with dirt. Read more

New Steve Kafka Brush Series


I first heard of the new Kafka Kwills from members of the Chicago Brushmasters, a group of old school paint and brush sign makers. If their praise of the new quills wasn’t so glowing, I never would have bought them. Instead I would have stuck with the brushes that I had. Read more

3-Step Prep for Vehicle Graphics


Whether you are installing trailer graphics or doing a full wrap of a car or van, surface preparation involves a three-step process of detergent washing, solvent cleaning and a final wipe down with IPA. Read more

Designing Vehicle Graphics


Many of the basic rules for designing outdoor advertising and transit advertising are also relevant when you design vehicle graphics. The cardinal design rule is: Keep It Simple. Read more

How to Apply Vinyl Graphics to Corrugations


Shortcuts can lead to problems. About 25 years ago I inspected a graphics failure on a corrugated trailer. The vinyl had lifted from the valleys of the corrugations and was cracking and peeling from the trailer surface. The installer had taken one of those shortcuts. Read more

Shopping for a Heat Press


With so many makes and models of heat presses, selecting one is usually confusing. To make the right purchasing decision for your business, you need to thoroughly investigate your options. Start by asking the right questions. Here’s what you should know before you sign on the dotted line. Read more

The Right Way to do a Wet Application


Using an application fluid can aid the application of a vinyl films that have an aggressive adhesive system. The application fluid helps float the graphic onto the surface to prevent pre-adhesion (the vinyl sticking before you want it to). Read more

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